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Coming Soon from Explorer Vans - The New Ford Transit

Ford has delivered our first new Ford Transit Vans!  We are hard at work making this an exciting new Explorer Van option for you and your family.  Please check back for updates and information.  Here is an early review courtesy of yahoo: 

Putting America's newest big van through the Costco test ...



The Bachelor Babes - January 27, 2014

I knew Explorer Vans were big in South Korea but hauling around "The Bachelor" babes is pretty cool. Thanks ABC!

The Bachelor Girls

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Jay Cutler's Explorer Van - July 23, 2014

Jay Cutler showed up to Bears training camp today driving the vehicle you see above, what Jay calls a conversion van. Cutler made it very clear that this was not a mini-van, probably because he has spawned a whole brood of mini-Cutlers and a mini-van seems like a pretty sensible option for a dad. But it's a conversion van, not a dad-van.

Jay Cutler's Explorer Van Jay Cutler's Explorer Van

https://twitter.com/photo/1 Can't you see Jay Cutler cruising around the 'hago—other people call Chicago that, right?—blasting Steppenwolf in his conversion van, while the kids sit 20 feet away, all the way in the back? [Head bobbing] "What's that? Blues Clues DVD?" [motions to ears] "I can't hear you." Definitely not a dad van, but aren't you falling in love with Jay Cutler all over again?

His teammates are also down with the conversion van. Backup QB Jordan Palmer actually hitched a ride in the van and Matt Forte, despite his snooty automobile taste, hopes to check it out sometimes soon. Keep on vannin', Jay Cutler.


BOURBONNAIS — Bears players pulled up to Olivet Nazarene University on Wednesday in Bentleys, Range Rovers, BMWs and other rides expected of professional athletes. But no one can top what quarterback Jay Cutler — now a father of two sons — is driving these days.

Take a look at his custom conversion van: And definitely don’t call his giant white ride a minivan if you want to ask Cutler about it.
“It’s not a minivan, it’s a conversion van,” Cutler said proudly. “There was one (car seat) in there this morning, I took it out.”

A lot is expected from Cutler in Year 2 of the Marc Trestman era. It’s the best situation he’s ever been in his career, whether it’s signing a massive seven-year extension or the return of every offensive starter and coach.
“It should be fun,” Cutler said. “We have a lot of guys back. A lot of consistency and rollover from last year. It’s going to make things easier. Adjustments should [take] less time, getting into camp and getting rolling.”

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Kirk Cousins' new ride is an Explorer Van - July 28, 2014

Does MTV still do that show Pimp My Ride? If so, the next contestant should be Kirk Cousins and his conversion van.Yes, the Washington Redskins quarterback has a conversion van that he bought from his grandparents.

Kirk Cousins and his Explorer Van


According to the Washington Post, Cousins isn't trying to make a statement or anything, he's just always liked his grandparents' van and after his grandfather passed away during the offseason, his grandmother didn't need it, so he bought it.

"It'll serve us well," Cousins said. "Because my wife and I each have a car, but then when people come into town it'll kind of be a third car. And it's perfect for driving the hour-and-a-half from Ashburn to the games. And then they can tailgate, and they've got a TV in there, and you can kind of carry luggage in there. So it works well when visitors come to town for games, and Julie and I will take it on road trips in the offseason."

Cousins said his teammates haven't seen the new ride yet, but he's excited to show them. "Wait until I roll into the facility when we get back to Ashburn,"

Cousins said. "That'll be fun. I think my teammates will laugh a little bit." Why would they laugh? There is absolutely nothing funny about an NFL quarterback driving a conversion van. Zero things about that are funny.

Source: http://www.wusa9.com/grandma-van/13280425/

Psy has Explorer Van Style - May 10, 2013

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton - Jan 2, 2013

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to receive treatment for a blood clot in her head. She was admitted Saturday to New York-Presbyterian Hospital and was moved today in a van to another location on the hospital campus.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVRbNdA5ksU

Video: Kevin Durant's awesome Explorer Van - November 12, 2010

Yes, this is ostensibly a Nike ad. Or a GM ad, even, so your tax dollars paid for it. But it's still a pretty cool look at  Kevin Durant's  cool-as-heck GMC van. That's right. Van.

Now, for the better part of the 1990s, the Dwyer clan had itself  two of these vans  along the same lines. Tricked-out V8 monsters with tape decks in the back for me to listen to my Afghan Whigs albums in teenage-style isolation, a TV for the kids, a cooler in the middle console, and leather to spare. It was the business. And it was even driven by a man named "Kevin," with "KD" initials.

OK, substitute the tape deck in the rear for an Xbox, a flat-screen for an 8-inch standard definition tube bent on showing "Aladdin " for the trillionth time, and subwoofer in the back for unpacked Little League gear. But beyond that, it's the same ride. I'm even guessing both KDs share a similar aversion to annoying kids eating Cool Ranch Doritos in the back seat.

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/-awesome-van?urn=nba-284968